The Institute of Agricultural Economics (IAE) is a public research organization recently celebrating its 70th anniversary. Since 2000 the IAE is one of the main institutes within the National Centre for Agricultural Sciences, and the only one specialized in agrarian and rural economics research in Bulgaria.

The Institute of Agricultural Economics carries out:

  • fundamental, applied and policy-forwarded research;
  • analytical, policy and technical assistance projects;
  • doctoral and vocational training;
  • academic and experts conferences and workshops;
  • consultancy activities.

IAE has been actively involved in all major projects for transformation of Bulgarian agricultural, rural and food sector, and for harmonization of institutional framework with EU – development of legislation, government regulations, strategies, programs, expertise etc. for privatization of farmland and regulation of land market, restructuring of farms and agro-companies, forms of government support to agricultural and rural sector, various aspects of CAP implementation, trade regime and competitiveness, agrarian and rural finance, food security, rural development issues, assessment and governing of sustainability, reorganization of agricultural  research, setting up agricultural advisory system etc.

Research areas:

  • CAP of EU and CAP Implementation in Bulgarian Agriculture
  • Agricultural Policy of Bulgaria
  • Rural Areas Development
  • Agricultural Financial System
  • Organizational and Economic Structures
  • Marketing and Competitiveness
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Agro-Environment
  • Food-Processing Industry in the Conditions of Common EU Market.

Scientific-Applied Activities:

  • Programs, Strategies, Production Cost Normatives, Business and Investment Projects
  • Assessment of Agricultural Technologies, Land and Capital Assets
  • PhD Education and Consultations
  • Participation in International Projects’ Elaboration
January 2019
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