Conference 2020 „Agriculture and Food Supply: Markets and Policy Reflections“

The Institute of Agricultural Economics invites you to take part of this year scientific conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. This conference will be seventh in row and holds the spirit of tradition and internaternational cooperation. It will be held in Hotel EXPO(Best Western) This year, we would like to pose accent on important topics in agricultural development and the challenges that will be in front of us:

  • Food Security and Food Supply Chain
  • Agricultural and Commodity Markets
  • Agriculture Policies Insights in Health Crisis
  • Agriculture and Environmental Balance
  • Circular Economy and Sustainability


Contact person, PhD Anton Mitov tel: +359886070573

Deadline abstract – 15.07.2020

Approve response – 30.07.2020

Deadline for papers – 30.09.2020

The conference is expected to gather scholars and researchers from different countries so that they can share their studies and findings of the agricultural development and the capability and resilience of the industry, also we want to the opportunity to have a dabate on the new challanges and future set goals.