Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science

Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science (BJAS)®

From 2010 the journal assumes Impact Factor

BJAS is a scientific journal published by the AgriculturalAcademy in Bulgaria with Editor-in-Chief Acad. AtanasAtanassov and Deputy Editor-in-Chief Iliana Nikolova.

The journal includes 6 issues per year.


The Journal covers basic and applied researches in field ofagriculture including Crop Science, Horticultural Science,Animal Science, Genetics, Physiology, Biotechnology,Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Economy, FoodProcessing, Veterinary Medicine and other natural sciencesconnected with agriculture and articles in the field ofSustainable agriculture, Environmental protection and EarthSciences. The Journal publishes full-length paper, short communications and reviews. Papers may originate fromBulgaria and other countries.

Research papers. All work presented should have as aimthe development of agriculture concepts rather than the mererecording of facts. Preliminary, confirmatory or inconclusive

work will not be published. Fragmentation of research intothe “least publishable unit” is discouraged.

Short communications will be published.

Reviews will be considered for publication. Prospectivewriters of reviews should first consult the Editor-in-chief andshould enclose a short summary of the area they propose tocover.

Procedure for submission

Before preparing papers for journal authors shouldlead through Guide for Author*, published in first issue ineach volume (year) and to consult a current issue to makethemselves familiar with the general format.Authors should submit disk of revised articles to theeditorial office. We prefer Microsoft Word for Windows.All papers must be written in neat and concise English.Editorial secretariat is accepting paper in Bulgarian language,but authors should pay for translation into English.Contributions should be sent in two copies plus disk to the

following address:

Editorial Secretariat

AA – Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science

125, Tsarigradsko shosse, bl.1, room 214

1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel. 0877 147358

 Bulg. J. Agric. Sci.

WEB page: http://agrojournal.org

e-mail: bjas@abv.bg

Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science ®

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